Investigator-Initiated Protocols – 2012- present

MicroRNA Expression in Patient Metastatic Brain Lesions

Principal Investigator

MicroRNA Expression in Patient Primary Brain Tumors

Principal Investigator

A pilot study to compare non-coding RNA in multiple myeloma patients, MGUS patients and healthy individuals using bone marrow and peripheral blood

Principal Investigator

A pilot study to compare the isolation of circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood and by diagnostic leukapheresis in multiple myeloma patients and healthy individuals

Principal Investigator

Specific targeting of bone marrow niche-resident long lived plasma cells by combined therapy with bortezomib and plerixafor

Co-Principal Investigator; Sponsor - Millennium-Takeda, Cambridge, MA

Velcade-based Desensitization Kidney Transplant Protocol Protocol Synopsis

Co-Principal Investigator; Sponsor- Onyx Pharmaceuticals – South San Francisco, CA

A phase I/II clinical trial of Metformin combined with Velcade and Dexamethasone in newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma

Principal Investigator

A Phase 1 Study of Chloroquine in Combination with Carboplatin/Gemcitabine in Advanced Solid Tumors



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